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So, while just a few weeks ago we were lauding Utah’s progressive move forward in striking down the ban on same-sex marriage, we may have to take some of that celebration back.

Here, Gov. Herbert is explaining exactly how he intends to fuck with equality
Here, Gov. Herbert is explaining exactly how he intends to fuck with equality

Utah’s Governor, Republican Gary Herbert, has declared that all same-sex marriages performed between the time the federal judge struck down the ban, and the US Supreme Court’s stay on the decision will not be recognized. That means that about 1,300 couples status is currently up in the air. In an email to cabinet members, Herbert outlines instructions showing just how much these couples are in limbo.

Basically, any poor soul who has some kind of government connected change in the works (like last name change, driver license, etc.) will be put on hold until the ‘situation’ has been evened out. What gets me is the last few sentences: ‘We also recognize that these changes affect real people’s lives. Let us carefully and considerately ensure that we, and our employees throughout the state, continue to treat all people with respect and understanding as we assist them.’

Really? Respect and understanding, huh? How so – “Sorry we don’t see you as equal citizens, but you can still register to vote!”


Following up with that same sense of ‘fuck you’ is Representative Eric Turner (R-Ind.) who wants to ban any form of

The incredibly attractive Eric Turner. Now I know why he hates everyone...
The incredibly attractive Eric Turner. Now I know why he hates everyone…

union outside of a marriage between one woman and one man. It hearkens back to Michigan’s Prop. 2 of 2004, defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The bill, titled HJR-3 wants to alter Indiana’s state constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

I did a quick run through of the constitution, and I don’t see any amendment currently defining marriage, unlike Michigan’s constitution. However, also like Michigan’s constitution, Section 23 of their Bill of Rights states: ‘The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens.’ Which this would be a direct violation of. (By the way, readers, I’ll be running a post of the recent history of same-sex marriage, and breaking things down quite extensively. I know I’ve done this before, but because of the changes from the initial post, it bears updating)


Football already has enough innuendos. I'm good...
Football already has enough innuendos. I’m good…

A lot of athletes, particularly football and basketball players, have been coming out of the locker room lately. However, perhaps the craziest story falls to that of Chris Kluwe, former punter for the Minnesota Vikings. He was fired, he claims, after he had been publicly supporting same-sex marriage. Kluwe had previously stated that the Special Teams coach, Mike Priefer, had made some incredibly inflammatory statements, saying that gays should be rounded up, placed on an island, and that island should be nuked until it glows. Kluwe further stated that he would do his best to see that Priefer never coaches again. However, Kluwe is now stepping back a bit, stating that with some proper counseling and classes, Priefer might get better. Either way, the fact that Kluwe, who is not gay, was fired for supporting gays, says enough to me about the ‘fixability’ of Priefer’s bigotry. Only, of course, if all of this is true.


And finally, our friends in France are at it again. 25 year old Julien Rochedy, a rising star of the National Front Party, is not only defending Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law, but is demanding it be brought into law in France as well.

Methinks thou doth protest too much (he's awfully manscaped...isn't he???)
Methinks thou doth protest too much (he’s awfully manscaped…isn’t he???)

When asked about the reports of violence and arrests against homosexuals and supporters in Russia, Rochedy said he didn’t believe them. When asked about the Holocausts, Rochedy said he didn’t believe in Jews. The National Front is basically France’s equivalent to the Tea Party.


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